Hillary is Dead

Col AndySo says the Colonel of Truth. Is it true? Is he right? Would he lie? You read and decide for yourself. I already have — he’s right, she is dead, but that’s ourĀ opinion. I do; however, fear my country is certainly dead because the mainstream American believes otherwise. That she is alive and well, and well qualified to be our next POTUS. What in God’s name have we become where we excuse all the wrongdoings, all the lies, all the shames, all the crimes this person has committed? Someone, something please wake up this Nation before it’s too late. The world’s greatest Republic is about to fail.

How sad, how very, very sad!


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13 thoughts on “Hillary is Dead”

    1. Andy, your welcome, it sure created one long thread here, and on my FB page,. Aren’t we glad we served when we did? Such found memories. I wonder what today’s military members’ memories will be like. Sad

  1. Alas, millennials and minorities are all for Hillary and don’t see or believe she has ever done anything wrong. Then again 80% of college students see nothing wrong with cheating. Trump’s major flaw is a huge ego that won’t allow one comment to go by without a retaliation and has the mistaken idea that Barnum (of Barnum and Bailey circus) was right, that any publicity is good. Even bad publicity is good because they’re still talking about you. If only he would have listened to Melania when she told him to stay quiet and keep off of twitter. But no.

    1. You’re right as usual Hazel, he needs to simply shut up. They are baiting him and he won’t shut up. But then, there are those that love it when he shouts at the libs. Maybe Barnum and Bailey were right?

  2. I thought Trump was going to be our “salvation”..but after these past three weeks..I am now wondering ..”What the hell is going on with this guy’s head??” ..He just steps all over himself! The damn media is killing him and he’s giving both Hillary and the media all the ammo they need to help himself be ‘flushed down the toilet’! Trump..he just doesn’t seem to have good ‘common sense’! He just doesn’t seem to get it! I’m getting concerned about his ability to lead the country back..we need credibility..not this current rash of B.S..he’s tossing around! He has plenty of both Hillary and Obama scandals..to toss around without stepping all over his own self!!
    It’s sad..sickening, that Hillary is even able to be a viable candidate..with so much corruption surrounding her..! It makes me sick knowing that, after all of these scandals surrounding her..most particularly the role she has played in the Clinton Foundation and the State Dept..and the evolving corruption with the Dept. of Justice..(Lynch) and Obama that some major effort by the F.B.I or other Congressional movement hasn’t been made to look into the corruption by the Clinton’s!
    I’m damn ashamed of our leadership..makes me sick!

    1. I know what you mean Jack, his responding to every thing thrown against the wall to see if it sticks is asinine, foolish, and destructive to many, but his comments do get a sector of our society riled up. Maybe that’s his plan, maybe he feels he needs to be that way up to a point, then become more “presidential.” I don’t have the answer Jack. Yes, he does scare the hell out of som, but he’s no fool, of that I am sure. I hope he has a plan, maybe it’s to scare the hell out of Hilliary for the debates??? I feel certain she is not looking forward to them, perhaps that’s when Trump will bring out all the dirty dealings she has had. I’m as much at a loss as you are my friend. Time will tell. But Jack, we have to stay the course, can’t afford to stop the fight!

  3. Hillary has beat every charge made against her, even from our DOJ. WHEN she’s sworn in as POTUS her conduct from that point forward will make Obama look like a school yard bully. The speed to our demise will hasten. By the end of her first term there may not be any need to vote. Voting will be out lawed and there won’t be any 2nd admendment.
    Trump is handing Hillary the election so there’s no stopping her now.
    God help us.

      1. You are correct Master Guns! We need to remain vocal, aggressive, and unfaltering! Trump is going to trump the hildabeast!!

  4. I had to struggle a bit to find The Colonel of Truth referred to here…which is odd as his stuff comes to me regularly. OK. I complete get and completely agree that Clinton and her many cronies ate full blown criminals and if a fair jury was empaneled and a fair judge presiding YOU could be the prosecuting attorney and she’d get decades in the slammer. However, she seems to have more power and influence that the Teflon Don. Anyone paying attention knows she is out for herself and has sold out her country.

    That brings us back to Trump. This guy seems to do everything to make his chances worse. If we accept that nearly all the press is Liberal me Leftie, which do, he still is poisoning his own wells on a daily basis.

    Seems to me we’re stuck with a criminal/traitor or a dangerous fool. Not good options. Please convince me Trump is bright, presidential and actually has read at least as many books as I did by the time I was a Sergeant.

    1. I really don’t have an answer for you Tad. I agree he is practicing “Ready, Fire, Aim” on a constant basis. I don’t understand why he falls for every barb the libs throw out there, he needs to simply SHUT UP!

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