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Gunny’s Rule. Gunny’s tell it like it is. Gunny’s never lie. When Gunny’s talk, everyone listens> read what the Gunny says about Colin Kaeperpoop. Did I spell that correctly Gunny?


GunnyMost of my friends know I am totally not into sports. I mean I am not impressed by these sports so-called super stars who make millions for playing games and too often make the worst choices in their daily lives because they cannot handle the fame and their own finances.   I mean really, if you are making millions a year and still beating up your girlfriend, getting DUI’s, dog fighting, drunk in public, illegal firearms….I mean grow up already.  If you’re making that kind if money, you are no longer in the frat house or back on the block.  It is now your time to be a responsible adult or learn how to be one.  If you want all these endorsements and to have your wealthy asses on the Cheerios box for young kids to emulate, then pull up your pants, get a haircut, learn how to speak,  buy yourself an education and get your act together!

I feel the same way most Veterans do about this idiot football player (notice I did not defile this commentary by using his name) refusing to stand for the National Anthem. Part of me realizes that is his right as an American, but most of me also realizes if he is that passionate about his cause, he should be taking the millions he is making and putting his money where his mouth…or in his case his butt…is.  What have you done, Mr. Football player, to help the “oppressed people” in this country you obviously hold in contempt?

Now the football fans in videos all over Facebook and the internet that are standing in salute playing the National Anthem while they burn his jersey hit a home run, in my eyes, right out of the ball park. So I join these fans in a  salute to you, you moron.  Of all the things you could protest or show youngsters in America as a role model, you had to show how to be “un-American.”

Just Sayin’,
The Gunny

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    1. Oh dear, were they the good days Henry J or what? Have you ever heard from any of them from the past? Riggins, Jewel, Goldberg, Lejeune, Christian ( I saw him when I was in Staging Bn on my way to Vietnam. I had a phone number, called it, and he met me in LA for a night on the town. I ran into POE (Erwin) several times (passed several years ago). Danny Vick passed two years ago, never got to see him, I waited too long. Barth passed several years ago as well, I did get to see him the year before he left us. Oh what days they were, I loved every one of them. To be truthful, I could have extended another year at the barracks.

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