Muslim Terrorists Attack Nice, France: How Will It Affect America’s Battle Against ISIS?

dennisWhat a great read! This is a MUST read for every American, regardless of what side of the aisle you sit. I know Dennis very well and can verify that he was an astute and dedicated instructor teaching terrorism back in the mid 1970’s at the U.S. Army’s Psychological Warfare School at the JFK Center for Military Assistance at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. How? I was there with him; I was the Marine instructor at the U.S Amy’s Civil Affairs School at the same time.

Why is it so many Americans do not seem to care about this growing threat? Are they blinded by their selfish concerns? Do they not care about anything unless it directly affects them? What about their children and grandchildren’s future? Why do so many Americans listen to the race-baiting, Muslim-loving person in our White House and believe his trash talk? What will it take to wake up the once vibrant “silent majority,” or have they become the “silent minority”?

Personally, what I see in the tea leaves tells me no one cares anymore; there is no longer a silent majority, we are ruled by the vocal minorities. Bring on Hillary and let’s just get it over with; is that the answer? Why delay the inevitable any longer?

This country came to two roads seven and one-half years ago, and it is obviously no one read Frost’s The Road Not Taken. America took the wrong one. Is it too late to turn back? Personally, I think it is. Hillary will guide us to destruction. God bless the America as we once knew it.

It’s gratifying to me that I am knocking on the door of 76.

How do I know very few really care? By the amount of comments I get to this post featuring Dennis’ article. Go back to sleep America, you might not have that long to go, get some rest before the chaos begins! Copy & paste to your browser, read the article, then come back and make damn comment!


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5 thoughts on “Muslim Terrorists Attack Nice, France: How Will It Affect America’s Battle Against ISIS?”

  1. Colonel, I too read Dennis’ article, but didn’t comment. What he stated was completely true, but we already knew what the truth is. The country is being run by criminals who do whatever they want with impunity. Look at the Hildabeast! No indictment and she gets on Air Force One with the mooslim sympathizer in chief who takes her to NC and tells us how great she is. Hell, half the country wants her for president, how can average Americans that work for a living overcome this madness? We can’t, there are not enough of us. Welfare recipients don’t give a damn about the country, have no skin in the game and simply want to keep the freebies coming for their future generations as they have. After 30 years in law enforcement I’m so glad I made it through the snake, but if I had to do it again, I’d learn to be a welder. Police officers are being murdered by thugs and the race baiters justify it. Why would anyone in their right mind get into an occupation where you are likely to be killed by a maggot that refuses to follow simple lawful instructions. It’s gonna be interesting to see how much carnage the Trump protesters that have been bussed in and paid to disrupt the convention cause. When they get arrested it will be the fault of the police because they are ALL racists. I agree with Hazel too!

    Semper Fi!

    1. Mike, I know exactly how you feel; at 75 I have never been so frustrated in my life with the average American and their attitude towards our country, most of whom never had any skin in the game. This POS we have as our leader (OMG, I hate using that word in reference to him, but he has been a leader only it has been in the wrong direction) has literally set us back 50 years in race relations. He has divided this nation into little pieces, have vs have-nots, Christians vs non-Christians, black vs whites, etc. We will be a third rate country if Trump dopes not win this election.

  2. I came back to make my damn comment. What our country is becoming is nauseating to me, One man from Homeland Security was on Fox talking about the file he had amassed on the San Bernadino terrorists. He was ordered to wipe the file completely. The reason was that it appeared to be anti-muslim. If we get Hillary we can kiss our country goodbye. Our only prayer is to get Trump and pray that he puts in the best military leaders and advisors. We desperately need to clean house in Washington and get rid of the Muslim Brotherhood, progressives, bleeding heart liberals, liars, thieves, and plain old dumb asses. Need I remind you of owned and operated Lynch–what we need to fight terrorism is “LOVE”. Yeah, sing to em. As for transgenders, I say they should serve in drag and only get the surgery after 3 tours in a hot zone of the middle east. Wouldn’t ISIS love capturing a woman with the wrong parts! That would cut down on the number of transgenders looking for free surgery. I love my country but sadly I love the memory of my country more then the present reality. At this point it’s a matter of choose your battles. Mine is military strength and stopping illegals and refugees. The rest is gravy.

    1. Why not say what you really mean Hazel. LOL Loved it and you are correct, if the hildabeast wins this election, this country is doomed. I can assure you most folks could care less; jut look at the number of comments to Dennis’article — only one, you! People read, and go away, don’t have time to express an opinion, or maybe they are afraid for they may lose a friend. Perfect examples of our silent majority, aka self-centered, selfish, lazy, pathetic examples of what this once great nation has become.

      1. Hey Jim, I thought my comment would be lost in a crowd. VERY depressing to see no others but yours. I have no fear of losing friends. Either they can handle what I think or they can move along. I’ve never been a joiner until recently and I joined the NRA and the T party. Other then that I guess I’m the friendly old lady with all the cats that doesn’t bother anyone. I’m just grateful that the world went crazy now that I’m too old to flip out. I’m sick of pussified men and women that no longer know who they are. This coming election is our last hope. Even if Trump wins there are a couple of generations of brainwashed liberals to fight every good thing that happens. It’s a frightening time and like was stated way above, I’m glad I’m old and won’t have to watch if it goes south and we lose it all.

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