The Used Car Salesman

ted-cruz-largeOnce again, The Colonel of truth talks about something that I’m sure everyone witnessed last night, but may have forgotten its significance. Remember the old saying, “The only time a politician is lying when his (or hers) lips are moving.” Andy and I both being retired colonels and men of honor, didn’t reveal the name, I will not either.

So, I guess he will vote for the Hildabeast, or not at all. Well, that’s patriotic. NOT!

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4 thoughts on “The Used Car Salesman”

  1. In the last assignment I had in the Marine Corps as Chief of Staff of the Marine Corps Systems Command, I had a professional security officer working for me. She was there because of the large amount of classified documents we held both in paper and electronic formats. It was her job to insure we handled these documents according to public law and DoD regulations. Over the years, she brought numerous security violations to my attention. She was a hard-bitten, diligent professional. Just for grins, I asked her what she would have done, knowing what she now knows, if Hillary Clinton had worked for the Command and did what she has admitted to have done at the State Department. She said she would have: Brought NCIS in to investigate; she would have immediately pulled her security clearance; she would have preferred charges against her, both for violating public law and DoD regulations; she would have recommended that I begin prosecution of her and that I immediately relieve her of her duties.

    1. Thank you Jay, well said! I am certain one could go back into records, especially in the military because as you said the amount of classified material we move around, and find charges were brought against someone and found guilty for a lot less than what the beast did. Our country is dangerous hands right now.

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