What are Liberals really like?

Trump hatWant to find out what Liberals are really like? I mean REALLY like, their personality, attributes, concern for others’ ideas and opinions? Actually, it’s very easy and simple. Place a Trump sticker on the back of your car. I received my hat, yard sign, and bumper sticker a week or so ago. I immediately put my yard sign in place, and the sticker on the back window of my Mini Cooper. Now, I have a Purple Heart license plate inside a holder that says Retired U.S. Marine. Okay?

That very afternoon I had to run to Home Depot, 4.8 miles from my house. I’m at a traffic light,a car pulls up beside me in the right lane, and the horns toots. I look over and he shoots me the bird. Younger fellow, an obvious Millennial. I simply smile, and it appears that made him mad. Good.

Several days later I am on my way somewhere, and again a car pulls up beside me in the left lane. The horn toots. I look over and it is a woman, and she shoots me the bird. Now, in the passenger seat is a young girl, probably her daughter, around nine or ten, and in the back seat is a car carrier with a small child in it. The woman appeared to be of Millennial age. Again, I simply smile.

Okay, I see cars with Bernie stickers and Hillary stickers all the time. Would I, a 75-year-old man, having served my country for nearly thirty-six years, ever think of tooting my horn and shooting the person the bird? Absolutely not!

But liberals have no problem doing something like that, that’s the way they are. To them, it’s my way, or no way, I am just another stupid, ignorant, rich conservative. (Really? In a 2012 Mini Cooper?) They have no problem expressing themselves the only way they know how, in a rude, obnoxious, uncaring, angry, self-centered, contemptible, loathsome manner. Amazing. Thank goodness I live in a neighborhood that I believe is predominantly conservative or someone may run over my yard sign.

So, I now really enjoy running errands for my bride. I wear my Trump hat and when someone does that to me I simply tip my Trump hat to them and smile. Get yourself a sticker and start having fun with the liberals. I love it!.

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