“How Low Can You Go?”


There is no bottom to the depths that this woman will go to deceive the American public . Here she was at a Memorial Day Parade with a “Sailor.” I am certain the average American saw this and assumed that this “Sailor” was there to show his support for her and to show that she is likewise a supporter of the military. However, we who have served know better. This fool is not a “Sailor.” How do I know that? First of all it is illegal for a member of the military service to appear campaigning, or showing support for a candidate in uniform. Secondly,  a close look at his uniform clearly shows that his fellow failed to get any advice as to how to wear the uniform of the US Navy. His medals are simply pinned on with no attempt to place them where they belong, and the same goes for his ribbons and his qualification badge. And lastly, no “Sailor” with that many years service would ever wear his cover in that manner.

Nice try Hildabeast, shame on you.

Navy Imposter






2 thoughts on ““How Low Can You Go?””

  1. And, excuse me for forgetting, but wasn’t it either medals or ribbons on the left side of chest? Can you mix and match? ribbons and metals and both sides of chest?

    An honest, innocent query.

    1. Yes you can wear them both on dress uniforms. The medals on the left and the ribbons (if they do not have a medal) on the left. In his case he is wearing ribbons that do have a medal and he is wearing both. You cannot wear them both . . . . period. There is so much wrong with this idiot. It’s obvious he is one of Hildabeast’s minions or an actor.

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