RIP USA – 07/04/1776 – 07/05/2016

dennisTo Jack, Dennis, and all others who are disgusted, upset, beside themselves, absolutely fed up with what is happening to our once great nation, and the dismantling and made ineffective of our armed forces. If you have not read Dennis’ article, Where are our admirals and generals in our time of need? posted here on my blog, please do so, then be sure to read the comments submitted by Dennis and Jack.

This Independence Day weekend was a landmark. While most Americans were absorbed in celebrations of our nation’s birth. two significant events happened, one before the holiday and one after. They were purposely timed that so way so not many folks nor even our biased media would even blink an eye, and it worked. Our country took two shots through its heart.

As a result of these deadly shots, our country is bleeding profusely, about to go into cardiac arrest, gasping for one more breath, and it needs help. As Dennis points out, we need to research, dig behind the scenes, go after the head of the snake and kill it, and I do not mean by acts of violence. I am talking about the pen versus the sword. I beg of you, your country is dying and needs your help.  My greatest fear is that this so-called “Silent Majority,” which I sometimes believe no longer exists, will wake up  one day and it will be too late, and our country will be thrust into another civil war. We need to act now. We need to get on the phones, publish emails, post on Facebook and Twitter, write letters, shout from roof tops, and demand action from those who were elected to represent us against this tyrannical government that is killing our once great nation. Please, from someone who served this country for many years and is still giving back for the privilege  of have been born in a great country, I beg of you to do something before it is too late and the blood of Americans begins flowing as it did in 1861-65.

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    I must now greet you as you travel down one of two diverging roads, as most accurately described in Robert Frost’s poem—perhaps his best, “The Road Not Taken.” In fact, I must now redirect you for you have inadvertently chosen the least suitable of those “Frost roads” in your travels through the “yellow wood” where you first encountered both. Neither road is necessarily the “wrong” one to travel on. It’s just that one may be “perhaps the better claim.” You have scarcely begun your journey, and can easily return to the other, a better route to your final destination.

    Do not be offended by my interrupting your travels; Frost himself observed of the two roads that “both that morning equally lay…In leaves no step had trodden black…and be one traveler, long I stood…And looked down one as far as I could….” Your choice of the road you are now on is not an error of judgement of any sort, and is easily reversed. You, a bona fide “Swinger of Birches,” are most-intimately familiar with the poem of which I write. You will agree, once you reflect on my purpose in changing your direction as being best for you to get where you are going most reinvigorated, most securely, and most ready for battle. Others are counting on you, so, when you “shall be telling this with a sigh…Somewhere ages and ages hence: Two roads diverged in a yellow words, and I— I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.”

    While we must acknowledge and brace ourselves against the oncoming tidal wave of damaging effects—which, in my view, look neither positive nor promising—of such a perverse policy change, erroneously qualifying open transgenderism as now acceptable and allowed for military service, and tragically involves our entire United States military.

    This wrong-minded policy change is the Obama/Carter deus ex machina.

    (I really enjoy throwing into anything I write a word or two, or a phrase, that will send my reader scrambling for their Merriam-Webster’s—as I did when I first encountered it.)

    We must maintain, throughout our pending battles and challenges, a positive attitude, never giving in to the one thing that will inevitably defeat us, loss of faith—faith in ourselves, faith in our beliefs, faith in our great country, faith in the dedicated members of our military, and, most of all, faith that what is right will prevail no matter how dark the night may seem at the moment. Have faith that even on the darkest night of the year there is a positive aspect—you can see countless numbers more stars.

    Let all of us who join the fight embrace “Positivism,” referring to ourselves as “Positivists,” meaning we believe, no matter how dark the night, that “the darkest hour is just before dawn,” that our prodigious, collective experiences, forged and enhanced during our military service or in other life experiences, will aid us immensely, and that the only acceptable conclusion of our battle is triumph in defeating this abomination—and any others that may crop up in the waning time of the Obama administration’s term.

    Then let’s get our asses into battle formation, fix our most effective bayonets–social media and the pen–and sound the charge, determined and resolved, knowing the battle will be long and tiring at times, but positive in our ultimate success in winning. Consider the alternative effects if this outrage remains in effect.

  2. Hi Col. Bathhurst, I am in the process of looking for the MARG-6-87 “float yearbook” for lack of a better name, once I do, I’ll be sending along your photo, unless you already have the same material. Do you remember 1st Rubinstein?

    (I was part of Lt. Pheobus’ tank platoon)

    Semper Fi,


    1. Oh yes, I remember the 1st Sgt VERY well. One great Marine, and an outstanding addition to BLT 2/6. As were our tanks, what a feeling to be afloat and in charge of such a mighty force that included tanks. Semper Fi Josh! JB

  3. Great analysis, Colonel. You are dead on when you encourage us, especially those classified as the “Silent Majority,” to join the fight against the absurdity and tyranny emanating from the White House down through such departments as the Department of Defense, and others. Let’s not forget the Attorney General at the Department of Justice who saw no wrongdoing in meeting with the husband of the “person of interest” being investigated for possible criminal charges.

    However, enough of that. I have something more important to pass on. While researching this morning for Part II of the transgender article (I think there is so much more on this issue that needs to be brought out into the sunshine), I came upon what may be perhaps the only really critical reporting on it–except for mine, of course. (“Never miss a chance to brag on yourself!” my Granddaddy always said. “No one is going to do it for ya!”)

    The article is, “Obama’s Transgender Policy ‘Devastating’ Military”


    In it there is an interview with Elaine Donnelly, President of the Center for Military Readiness, a truly remarkable lady with the guts to call the president and his lackey, Ash(hole) Carter out in no uncertain terms– what she classifies as “more than irresponsible”…There’s no excuse for it.” She claims this is Obama’s payback for the support the LGBT crowd gave him in his two elections. That and just a peculiarity of his ultra-liberal mindset. Makes sense to me.

    The interview is recorded and it is truly worth listening to her.

    This is what we need to get behind. You, all of you who are angry and frustrated, will be cheered by her rousing criticism of all that is Obama’s unmerited meddling in military affairs and Carter’s incompetence.

    I fired off an email to the writer of the article offering their radio station permission to use my article–in whole or parts–if it merited doing so.

    Jim, perhaps you could get permission to put it on your blog, including the taped interview? I don’t know how that can be done, but you are a non-profit. I think they might consider it–especially if you sent the writer, Greg Corombos, News Director for Radio America, a hardcover copy of your book. (I included a picture of the book in my email, of course taking a huge chunk of credit for it as is evident by my name on the Title Page as the editor! As a writer himself, he would see and understand that as something special, something not ever witnessed in a Steven King book.)

Please leave a comment on this post or on any subject; all are appreciated. Thank you and Semper Fi, Jim