Where Are Our Admirals and Generals in Our Time of Need?

dennisFrom my best friend, the best editor one could have, and a fellow retired Marine. He asks a great question. Folks living under a rock, or even those who never served might be asking what’s the big deal, there can’t be that many transgenders in the military. While that may very well be true at this point in time, but how many do you think we will have when this edict goes into effect? If I were one (OMG), and knew Uncle Sam would pay for my sex change operation, would I not join up as soon as the law goes into effect? I mean, heck, this very expensive, long drawn out surgical operation would be absolutely free!. This is an absolute travesty. Just another piece of coal thrown into the cauldron to destroy our military effectiveness, which has become nothing  more than one grand social experiment for this administration. Readiness and effectiveness has not had anything to do with the changes brought about to out fighting forces. Read Dennis’ article by clicking or copy and pasting the below URL. Trust me, it’s worth the read.


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  1. Sorry and apologize for the rant..I do not want to be a problematic idiot and rude to Jim and this website..I just cannot accept this maniac in the WH..he is treasonous..he has done everything to subvert our military code of ethics..! He and this latest dumbed up Dept of Defense guy..should be ( both) be hung by the neck..! It concerns me that we have the Dept. of Justice..the State Dept..the F.B.I..the Homeland Security..and the Congress..all in bed with each other..! It seems..that what’s left of the leadership in the Pentagon is nothing but a bunch of idiots who are scared to death of the WH..and Obama!

    Look at the possibility of the next election..can anyone imagine giving the “Nuclear Red Box ” keys and Air Force One.. to Hillary..to manage our National defense to her..??

    Does anybody blame me for acting out against this Muslim sympathetic asshole in the WH..!! Happy Fourth of July..! Jack

  2. Makes me sick..this is another one of Omama’s works of travesty and treason..! I can’t allow myself to accept this man (piece of crap) as our President..I cannot stand by and turn my cheek to this lying , deceitful dirt bag! What I hate to say is this..We now have so much corruption in our government..(particularly in the WH..) that it all begs for civil disobedience! I refuse to accept this crap..I cannot be loyal to such and office with Obama and Hillary..to do so is treasonous..

    1. As someone is always telling me; “Jim, why don’t you say what you really think?” LOL I understand completely Jack. I am at wits end, when is the silent (weak-minded, timid, self centered) Silent Majority going to speak (and act)? I did not fly a flag yesterday, because I would have had to fly it upside down. My country is in distress!

    2. Jack:

      We all can appreciate your anger and frustration. I hope millions feel the same. But, as the old saying goes, “I don’t get mad; I get even!” Let’s adopt that strategy.

      Jim had a hell of a time getting his book into the Marine Corps Exchanges though it certainly deserved a spot on their shelves–especially so when they carried Hillary Clinton’s book, stocked at eye-level. You know what that means in retail, right? Prime location, perfect marketing. Yet, a Marine Corps veteran of thirty-six years, awarded several medals for heroism including the Silver Star, awarded the Purple Heart for wounds suffered in close combat, and had risen in the ranks by dedication and hard work from the rank of Private to retire as a bird Colonel. The Marine Corps Exchange bureaucrats in Washington and Quantico refused to buy his book for the reason—bogus reason—it was a Print on Demand book.

      The Colonel was heartbroken after being rejected time after time. I noticed the pride he had in his voice when he held the first hardcover copy in his hands had withered, his shoulders stooped from the burden of failure. He had almost given up when an idea was conceived. Take the battle to the Marines, their families, and Marine Corps supporters via social networking, mainly on Facebook.
      Jim wrote a letter to post on that dynamic network of millions, and in it he included the link to HQMC where they dealt with complaints on the PX’s. He also included the form to fill out and email them. They received who-knows-how-many—hundreds, maybe thousands.

      Within days, those who sent the complaint form in were emailed a response that they had reconsidered their position and were ordering Jim’s book for four to six of the major exchanges, at least.

      Jim was pissed, I was pissed, and others were pissed at failing to get that book into the Marine Corps Exchanges for more than three years. But when it was realized that getting angry and frustrated served no purpose, tactics changed. Public opinion forced the Marine Corps bureaucrats to do an about face.

      Same here. You are angry, disappointed, frustrated, and so are many, many others including me. Singularly, we have no power, singularly we cannot affect a single word in this policy change, nor can we change a single mind of those who support it—including the President of the United States. But, if we join together, combine our efforts, use our energy and intelligence collectively, motivate others to join us, and mobilize as one, we can affect Ash(hole) Carter and his liberal mentor, Barack Obama. They fear adverse public opinion, they dread being criticized, and they loath anyone not in agreement with their left-wing agenda, especially conservatives.

      So let’s get my article out and about. It’s the best I have seen—only because there are no others out there. Carter employed the standard Washington political tactic of announcing his liberal abomination on Thursday afternoon hours before a four-day-weekend. No one has taken the issue up yet. Why? It’s old news now. There were three or four terrorist attacks around the world over the weekend. That’s where the news hounds are now. Carter knew well ahead of time that any contrary opinion would wane over four days, and was aided by terrorist attacks.

      Let’s do as the dog, Toto, did in the movie “Wizard of Oz”—go behind the curtain Carter and Obama hide behind and expose those two for what they are—sham anti-military liberals who could care less of the welfare of our men and women serving our country. Oh, like the character behind the curtain in the movie, a fraud, they may advise others “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain! I AM The Great And Powerful Wiz . . . . ”

      Let’s find out how much Carter paid Rand Corporation to tell him transgenderism was just fine for the military. Let’s find out who first conceived this atrocious idea and expose them to the light. Let’s get people involved, an army of our own against these political hacks.

      WE CAN DO IT! It is much better than sitting around in your living room angry and morose. I was guilty of just that until early fireworks and patriotic music Sunday evening changed my attitude, until the significance of the Fourth of July stirred me; then I hit upon the idea of researching and writing against what had transpired on Thursday and have it done and submitted on the Fourth. That was my celebration of our Independence Day.

      “The pen is mightier than the sword!” (First written by novelist and playwright Edward Bulwer-Lytton in 1839, in his historical play Cardinal Richelieu.) I sent my article in Monday night although there was much more to say; EzineArticles published it early this morning. They needed only one read to see what was being protested, not their normal procedure.

      I challenge you to print out 25 copies of my article and hand them out to everyone who you think might side with us. And then challenge others to do the same. Or write one of your own.

      Social media is the best weapon against political malfeasance. We must launch an unrelenting attack using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and all the rest of them.

      We are United States Marines, or United States Army, Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard. In sum, we are fighters, so let’s fight! Politicians are not as tough as the North Vietnamese soldiers I fought, the ISIS terrorists today’s military fights, nor the Nazis our grandfathers and grandmothers fought. I say within weeks the Washington elite will feel our wrath all the way to the East Room and beyond.

      Politicians cannot hide from public opinion, the admirals and generals cannot shrink from their responsibilities, and Obama cannot be allowed to go forward with this wrong-minded policy.


  3. Colonel:

    Thanks for the assist, my friend. I hope lots of people read it and see the travesty as clearly as you and I–as will any military person, past or present–except our admirals and generals, esp the CMC!

    One correction to your intro–and a BIG one: You say, “… when this edict goes into effect?” Actually, Ash(hole) Carter emphatically stated at the June 30 press conference, “Effective immediately!” The Press Release of June 30 (Release No: NR-246-16) specifies, “Effective immediately, service members may no longer be involuntarily separated, discharged, or denied reenlistment solely on the basis of gender identity. Service members currently on duty will be able to serve openly.”

    Sgt George Blatz is now Sgt Georgina Blatz!

    There was much more in his speech on Thurs, and it is worth listening to very closely to see the true reasons for his decision. Interesting question period after which also was revealing.

    Here is a political appointee without a day of military service, but with the best minds in the world at his disposal–the admirals and generals of ALL SERVICES–BUT HE HIRES RAND CORPORATION TO DO THE STUDY. WHAT WOULD YOU EXPECT EXCEPT THAT THEY FIND THAT THIS NEW POLICY WILL NOT AFFECT MORALE, OR ANYTHING ELSE.

    I am working on PART II on the subject, which will include how much Carter agreed to pay Rand. And, there are separate, distinct new departments just to deal with transgenders.

    1. My bust Sir, I re-read the statement, and he did say “effective immediately” they cannot be discharged or separated because they declare transgender. But he did say full implementation will be July 2017. Now, what that words full implementation mean, I have no idea. This is such a horrific policy; I am at a loss for words over it. I would not encourage a young man to join our military today at all!

      1. You are forgiven–especially at your advanced age–for not grasping the immediacy of Ash(hole) Carter’s need to rush this abominable policy through as fast as possible. Remember, Obama is out of “our” White House in just over six months’ time–no more gay pride flag colors illuminating it! (I could quote the exact number of days, but that might appear as if I didn’t love the guy.) Nevertheless, fear not, BHO has lots more of his liberal agenda left to spring upon us, but time is of the essence.

        Ash(hole) Carter was given his marching orders last July and a deadline of one year to announce the policy was thoroughly studied and approved, then one year to completely install in all military hospitals worldwide the necessary medical implements to remove the testicles of male humans. Clearly, some research is needed to modify the testicle-lopping implements used on steers.

        That answers your insightful–but misnomered–question as to the meaning of “full implementation.” July 2017 has nothing to do with actually getting the program “fully” up and running as could be interpreted by most individuals not as well versed in the subtleties of the English language as editors must be—good ones, that is.

        Essentially, those close to the inner circle say he had made his mind up last July–more accurately, Barack had made it up for him–but they both thought it wise to make it appear as if they had studied transgenderism hard, when, in fact, they hardly studied it at all.

        You know, Jim, the more I look at this and other instances of malfeasance–or just plain old missteps–of the Department of Defense, and ultimately the Obama presidency itself, the more I am arriving at the conclusion that this calls for Chapter 14 of the Ms. Kitty Kitty Kitty saga? As you may know, Ms. Kitty’s staff has managed to get her seated on several prime committees in the House. How about if Ms. Kitty summoned Ash(hole) Carter to testify before one of them. What a disparate range of questions could be drawn up for Ol’ Ash to answer!


        (Loud wooden gavel banging by Speaker Ryan.)

        “Committee, you may begin your questions of the Honorable Mr. Carter. Ms. Kitty is first.”

        A Ms. Kitty staffer to “Ash-Under-Oath” Carter: Mr. Carter, have you ever, now or at any time in the past, worn, had thoughts of wearing, or in any way associated yourself intimately with certain items of women’s undergarments—black lacy thongs for instance?

        (Consider it done! Send me some ideas.)

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