Ash Carter Needs Help

Ash CarterThis lunatic has gone off the deep end with his asinine statements about gender diversity making our military more efficient. Someone, anyone, please tell me how allowing transgenders to openly serve in out military forces makes them more efficient. OMG He is a blooming idiot. Where do we find people like like this? Where else but in the current cabinet.


2 thoughts on “Ash Carter Needs Help”

  1. It only adds to the growing trend of the “enemies…foreign and domestic”. DOMESTIC enemies!! These people are doing everything in their control to undermine the principles, cultures and over all way of life a nation OUR nation! Founded on the sacrifice and commitment of generations of brave, loyal and dedicated men and woman. Dedicated to our nations citizens, our nations values and national pride.
    I swore an oath when I enlisted in the Marine Corps. To protect against those terrorist…yes, I said terrorist…who now seem to contain the power within our government. Collectively, they are destroying our nation and our way of life. When will we has a nation draw the line??

    1. Jason, yes sir, we took the very same oath, and I know it well, and there is a part of that seems to keep ringing in my ear of late. . . . ” against all enemies Foreign and Domestic!” The latter just may have to come into play, keep your powder dry and your canteen full my friend. You listening NSA?

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