2 thoughts on “USMC’s New PFT”

  1. Hello Colonel Bathurst, since we served in France, I’d like to know your thoughts on events in Nice, for the readers, we were in Toulon and Marseilles, the Sixth Fleet Landing Force.

    1. Josh, since I watch NO news programs; therefore, I did not even know about Nice under you posted. I spent all of this morning getting caught up to speed on the incident. It was absolutely awful! I do not like condemning anyone, but Europe invited this sort of horrific stuff by opening their borders. With the newly formed European Union, one can travel from one country to another just as we drive from Illinois to Indiana; therefore, none of the countries know who is in their country. While we do have border control to get into the U.S, not that it is totally secure, it’s at least more secure than any of the Union countries. I was never in favor of what they did by developing the Union, but my thoughts were as an Economist, and look what’s happened in that area. Several are in deep trouble financially and the others are having to bail them out. Sad, stupid, different nations (not States like us), different languages, different ideologies, different everything. It was a dumb idea. Then this Islamic stuff began and the Muslims took advantage of the situation, Those countries have no idea who is within their borders fermenting chaos. The sad thing is we have an administration that is basically creating the same problem in the U.S. One has to wonder what Obama’s REAL purpose is. He IS A MUSLIM……period! While many Americans look at that carnage over there and will not fact the fact that those same horrific acts are just around the corner for us.

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