Veteran Forcibly Dragged from Air Force Ceremony for Mentioning God

And, he was invited and asked to give the speech by the man retiring. This is an example of how far we have come by allowing the vocal minorities to rule. A retiring Airman can not ask a friend and fellow retired Airman of 33 years to give a particular speech that he liked at HIS ceremony. Talk about a LtCol commander who has sucked on the LtColKool Aid hose for so long that he felt justified to made this happen. Don’t you believe for a moment that those Airman got up and forcibly escorted the speaker out of the room on their own. It was pre-planned and those Airman were ordered to do that. I hope the attorneys for the seized Airman go after that LtCol and the US Air Force itself.

I can tell you this much, had I been the person retiring, I would have followed my friend, whom I invited, out the door and told the USAF to mail me my stuff. What an embarrassment to the USAF. What’s their motto, “Aim High,” or maybe that was the last one; I think it’s now “Reach for the Stars,” . . . . . . ¬†okay, but do not mention God!

Oh my God!

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