Happy Father’s Day Dad’s

Despite the sad state of our once great nation, it’s Father’s Day. To all Fathers out there, have a great day. If you are reading posts from my blog then I can  assume you were and are a great father. I know I could have been a better father to my children had it not been for the Corps demanding so much of my time. However I sincerely hope and pray that my children understand that I love them dearly and while I may not have physically been there for some of their firsts, I was their mentally and spiritually. With that how about some smiles for Father’s Day. Semper Fi; JB


Monopoly                                                   Monopoly Bernie Style

James Woods                                                        James Nails it

Trump                             The Donald has it Right. Wake up America


old man                                          I laugh every time I see this one.

Perfect Man                                Can I get an Ooh-Rah from the ladies?


Hillary.                                          Mrs. America. Ain’t she sweet?


ObummerExcuse me I have to run to the head. Meanwhile, I count the days


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