The Used Car salesman

This video needs no introduction at all. Just watch this lying POS for yourself, and you tell me he is worthy of being our leader?

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  1. Just a question from one of your past subordinates, tell me, if you had to do it again and could only choose one, would it be, enlisted or officer? I’m asking because I think the answer is the enlisted side. Its too bad we didn’t know you were a Mustang back in MARG 6-87, would have been a moral booster for sure. Remember 1st Sgt Rubinstein?

    1. Josh, thank you for your post and a very interesting question, and one that has never been asked of me before. The one I usually receive is “Considering you served in the grades Pvt though GySgt, then 2Lt through Col, which was your favorite?” That one is easy as I never have to even think about it; I simply reply Sergeant. However, to answer yours takes a little deep thought.
      When was I happier – Enlisted
      What was less stressful – Enlisted
      What was more fun – Enlisted
      What paid more, albeit that was only important to me for improving my families lives – Officer

      To fully answer that question requires some dialog. I loved the troops, loved talking to them, loved asking them what bothered them, then fixing it or explaining why it was the way it was. As an enlisted at least up as high as I went, I was always right there with the troops, and even as a Lt or Capt, and maybe even at times as a Major (i.e. MB. Lemoore, CA). But from then on I was somewhat removed from the troops and I did not like that. As a LtCol Bn. Cmdr there were insulators between me and the troops (Lt Plt Cmdr’s, and Captain Co Cmdr’s), and they tended to get uneasy when the “boss” was nosing around their areas, so I had to be careful not to infringe on their turf (if you know what I mean). For me to show up at the Comm shack, or the motor pool caused a lot of nervousness. Yet, I would do it occasionally just to be able to talk to the troops. The best way I found was to see one of the troops in HQ Bldg, outside the chow hall, the dispensary, the PX, etc. Remember that I also had a responsibility to train the junior officers in the Bn. The higher one goes in the Officer Corps, the responsibilities dramatically increase and all that takes you away from the real thing I cherished about being a Marine and being a leader — the Marines, and that has to include those young officers that are trying to find their way in the Corps. I guess that really doe not answer your question. If you read my book, you know that as an Enlisted Marine, my goal was to be a Co GySgt, and suddenly with nine years in I became one. From that point on I reckon I had my sights set on being a Sgt Maj. I remember Gy Bradley and I training the body bearers for a canon shoot for an honors ceremony at the 8th&I and the word was already out that my commission had been approved. During a break I was standing around looking at CMC’s house. Lee asked me if I was going to live there someday, and I laughed out loud saying “you have to be shitting me Lee, I have to learn how to be a second 2Lt first. He then said,”Well, now I have a better shot at being the Sgt Maj of the Marine Corps.” Of course he was joking, albeit I sincerely believe he should have attained that position, but never did. Having said all that, if I really did have the chance to do it all over again, I would do the same thing I did the first time. I believe as an officer I was able to influence more Marines as an officer than I ever would have as Enlisted. Does all that make sense. I hope so. Thank you for the question.
      PS. I am somewhat shocked that you never knew I was a Mustang; hell, I thought every one knew that, although I never bragged about it. But maybe now that you know it might help explain why I did some of the things I did?

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