The Hero of Del Rio, TX

A Marine friend from Texas sent me the following link. As I began watching  I could not help but be moved with compassion, sorrow, empathy, and even a desire to find some way to help. However, the longer I watched and the more I learned, my feelings turned to rancor, disgust, and outright rage. All that came to mind was the millions of Americans — and non-Americans — drawing welfare checks, food stamps, housing subsidies, health care, ad infinitum. Yes, I know there are many valid recipients who need help — here is a perfect example — but I am certain there are as many, if not more,  near-do-wells, do-nothings, parasites who were born and raised by generations of takers who have proudly become a member of the new slavery created by our own  government. What an example Chito sets for all of us but especially society’s new slave. How gratifying it is to find that we still have Americans like Chito. God bless him. Comments welcome.

3 thoughts on “The Hero of Del Rio, TX”

  1. Howdy Colonel. I just watched the video you posted. I had go get a wash rag and clean my face up; what a story. It didn’t come out in the video clip, but ironically the highway Chito is on is “Veterans Boulevard”. I spent the night in town in 2012 at Motel 6 on my way back from California on a cross country motorcycle adventure. Thanks for posting.
    Semper Fi!
    Mike Marrion

    1. Thanks Mike. The one thing that kept going thru my mind every time it showed him cutting the median strip was why doesn’t the county/city/local Govt pay him something/anything for doing it? What a hero!

  2. J-B,
    It is a shame that our country doesn’t have more citizens like this man. Unfortunately we are overrun with ones that are career Leaches
    that will spend their entire life living off of the Government .


    Gunny Grump

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