Where Are The Moral Leaders?


UNFORTUNATELY, this too has been severely compromised since the US has removed GOD from the public square and replaced our formerly Judeo-Christian ethic with the STATE.  That is how we now can write legislation – laws – with complete and total disregard for natural law; the most obvious of which is all the gender norming and legalizing deviant sexual acts; and expect no consequence for our stupidity.   

This is no more than granting ourselves license.  We wrote a law that makes man and woman the same but only so long as you make radical adjustments to the objective criteria for job performance and/or engineer fixes to compensate for size and strength disparities.  We wrote a law that makes same-sex activity accepted and the same as marital relations between a man and a woman.  We wrote a law saying it’s okay to rip unborn children from the womb and kill them should they survive that trauma so that we don’t have to be inconvenienced with unwanted children. We wrote laws (multiple) that enables the government to take money from those who work (taxes) and give it to those who don’t work (welfare programs and include social security and medicare/aid) which, by the way, has totally destroyed the work ethic and true charity in much of the US populace.

I’ll stop here but I’m sure you get my drift.

Joint-Chiefs-of-Staff-1 (1)The Moral Leader

By Colonel William T. Hewes, USMC (Ret.)

Like many officers in the retired community, I am puzzled as to why the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and other senior service leaders are so supine in the face of those Obama administration’s policies that are clearly inimical to maintaining a strong national defense. The most blatant recent example is the policy to assign women to the combat arms. Whatever the prevailing political view may be, the Chairman, Chief of Staff of the Army, and Commandant of the Marine Corps know the policy is deeply flawed. Beyond compromising unit cohesion, morale, and combat effectiveness, the policy contains a ticking time bomb of unintended consequences that will further weaken the combat arms and our national defense.

If the Chief’s know the policy is dangerously flawed, why are they so supine?

Can the cause be that the doctrine of civilian control of the military has become politicized and thus unbalanced beyond that which the doctrine originally intended? Certainly the nation is endangered if the military is left unchecked. But, so too is it endangered when the controlling civilian authority ignores the best judgment of experienced military leaders; particularly wherein it subverts the core elements that make the military uniquely different from civil life.

What then should the Chairman and Chiefs do?

The answer lies in the moral obligation they have to the soldiers and Marines under their command, an obligation equally as profound as their duty to be loyal to the doctrine of civilian control. That obligation includes the responsibility to insure that every soldier and Marine under his command is organized, trained, and equipped to win on the battlefield. If that obligation cannot be faithfully fulfilled, a senior leader has but one moral choice: to resign.

For the Chairman and Chiefs to do less is to invite comparison to the pre-WWII German General Staff who traded their honor, their troops’ welfare, and their nation for loyalty to the “civilian control” of an autocrat.

4 thoughts on “Where Are The Moral Leaders?”

  1. I’m an active duty MSgt with 21 years. I am getting out because I am disgusted with senior leadership. They are all “yes” men.
    The last senior leader I had true respect for was LtGen Newbold, he retired after disagreeing with the invasion of Iraq. He’s one of the very few leaders that understood the stars on your shoulders require that you put the organization ahead of your retirement check. This batch we have now do no measure up to the ranks they wear.

    1. Well put sir. I understand your frustration. The sad thing is those with stars on their shoulders should be frustrated as well, but obviously they are not. Greg Newbold is a very close friend, We served together as captains in the 9th Marines. Greg comes up on line every now and then with a great piece on the current fiasco.

  2. Very good point. Like many other retired Marines ( most? Nearly all?), I just cannot imagine are generals/admirals with ANY intelligence would put women in the infantry, SEALS, Special Forces, MARSOC, AF PJs, etc. there are NO up sides to this. None. Whom does it benefit besides our enemies?

    1. You are absolutely correct Tad The only thought I can come up with is they are looking at staying the course by some misdirected sense of loyalty believing they can make it “less damaging” by remaining in their jobs? Maybe they are hoping for some changes to be made after the inauguration in January. But that is a long shot and only if Trumps wins. I do not believe anyone else has the gumption, nor the desire, to do something against the vocal minorities. They are all politicians and worry about their persona and polls. It’s sad. Can you imagine what would happen if every general in the Corps sent in his retirement letter for immediate retirement? That would certainly raise this issue to a national level and even perhaps a debate. What would Ash and Trash Carter and the POS do then?

      BTW Tad, I will expect several responses from you to my “Need Help” post!

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