2 thoughts on “Inmate Hillary #102387”

  1. Unfortunately, this ‘piece of crap’..Hillary, will not be indicted! The latest reports are probably accurate to the point that she is being given a ‘pass’ by Obama and all the corruption inside the Dept of Justice and State Dept. It makes me ‘boil’ with contempt..apparently no one in the media or the Congress has enough balls to bring any kind of charges against her! She is a treasonous asshole and she deserves to be punished and admonished! (miss-guided or carelessness is no excuse..we don’t have to be under an ‘act of war’ in order for her to be punished for the crime of miss-handling classified material! She is guilty of espionage against our country) I know..I have served my country in the military in the Army’s 11th Airborne Div. and I have spent my adult life in various programs working for the military/aerospace industries. Regardless of classification..secret and ‘Black’ programs alike..all ‘classified’ programs require the utmost concern and proper protection for dealing with classified material. Unfortunately..Hillary Clinton, a piss-poor patriot, and, another egotistical jerk,..has more than likely shared a lot of classified and confidential information with our all of our current ‘intelligence’ enemies!
    Unfortunately..this latest Director of the F.B.I doesn’t have any balls either, enough to bring her to justice..!

    1. Jack, thank you for your comments, and Sir, I could not agree with you more. All the libitards” lining up to vote for this woman, and I use that term loosely, have to be the dumbest people in this country. It’s such a shame that so many Americans vote for someone for all the wrong reasons e.g., gender, race, ethnic background, or personal wants instead of using their precious one vote to elect someone for the sake of our once great nation. Wake up idiots, it’s America first. Again, thank you Jack. Go Airborne!

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