Do you doubt the power of our  “unbiased” media? Personally, I do not watch TV for my news — they all sicken me with their innuendos, clichés, and beauty over substance priorities; ever seen a — to be PC — less than photogenically enhanced person as an anchor? And, of course gender plays a very important role.

Prior to the stock market opening each morning, I browse the Internet to see if anything of significance happened overnight , and if so, I scan selected news sites — both “unbiased” and biased — to see what the talking heads are saying. Personally I’d rather read it than have to listen to them. How do you know if the site is biased or not, you ask? Actually, it is very easy. May I show you?

Go to the link below,  not for it’s content as I am sure you already know the results of Super Tuesday, but let’s determine the slant of the site. It will take you to the Republican results. Look at the photos of the GOP candidates, and don’t forget the photos that slide in and out along the right side. Now go back to the top and go to the Democratic results.  And once again, look at the photos. Is there any doubt in your mind who this site supports?

HimIn case you live under a rock, or typical of many Americans who only see and hear what they want to, I’ll give you a hint. Look at the photo at left and tell me who the site supports?


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