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Author's PhotoHi Folks, Colonel “B” here, or for my troops of yesteryear “Sgt B” here. I have an announcement to make. If you are interested in buying my book, please do not go to the publisher; they charge way too much for all three versions (hard, soft, and eBook). I had no say in setting the retail price of the books, it was all their doing. It is a POD (Print On Demand), which means I paid to have it published, and they charged an arm and ½ a leg. You could go to Amazon, but they charge too much as well. Last I checked the hard cover was over $42.95, which is what the publisher charges, and then you might have to add postage. In the 5 years since publication, I have gotten back my initial investment. So, I sell only the hard cover because it is a beautiful book—not that I am biased at all—and it has some acknowledgements on the dust cover the soft cover does not. And, it will look good on your book shelf—smiles. I sell it personally inscribed for whomever it is going to for $30.00, and for Marines, I eat the postage, otherwise the postage is $3.61 So for $33.61 you are getting a good read, and cheaper than anywhere else, and it’s personally inscribed just for you. Please understand, I do not get the fantastic discount that Amazon and Barnes & Noble get, I mean I’m only the author. This is not a money-making endeavor for me at this point—I simply want folks to read it. So, if you are a Marine, want to learn about Marines, or know a Marine, here’s a chance to get a book that I absolutely guarantee will be enjoyed! Go to the link to the left “Contact Me,” fill the form out, put “autographed copy” as the subject, send it, and it comes to me. Once I receive it, I will contact you for the inscription information, and I will tell you how to pay for it. Thanks folks, and have a great Marine Corps day. Semper Fi, Jim

7 thoughts on “Buy The Book Now”

  1. Jimbo,

    I KNEW you hankered for another taste of publishing.
    Leadership examples and sergeants might be to narrow a field of fire.

    Maybe it should be a little lighter in touch….how about memorable moments of both humorous and touching sort.

    Things that stuck with servicemen, past as present?


    1. You mean something titled….say. “War Stories.” Of course I don’t really mean war itself, but just as a generic term for all stories?

  2. Wish I could buy your book, I live in Costa Rica and there is only so much space in an apartment. Will have to settle for the ebook.

  3. Jim, I think it’s time for another book. Something a bit shorter and focused on a single event or two. Perhaps something in the human interest category, but central to your experiences. And, some of that Bomburst humor too.

    Put down that single malt and get to it!!


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