5 thoughts on “All We Want is The Truth!”

  1. Obama is not, as the speaker offers, in denial of Muslim terrorism. Rather, Obama is party to. He is one of them. That much is crystal clear – through Obama’s words and deeds (stemming, logically deduced, from his thoughts); the highest form of proof.

  2. He’s not an American but he sounds like he’s more pissed off at our leaders than most Americans and that’s a sad note.

    1. Yes Don, it is a sad note. Many Americans cannot see through their rose-colored glasses, and that it isn’t affecting them. Yet!

    1. Nor have I Mike, and we probably never will. Politicians try to be all things to all people. They try to garner everyone’s vote, which we all know is impossible. Lincoln said it best. There is only one person in this election cycle that’s isn’t afraid to speak the truth, and by doing so he has awoke the sleeping giant, at least I pray he has. America appears to be mad. And the scum in Chicago tried their best to quiet the noise, but it has gotten even louder. Why Trump went to that scum-sucking town is beyond me. He doesn’t need one of their votes to win so why cater to them, call them what they are . . . thugs! Don’t give them another chance to get one of the new curve screen TV’s or new microwave, that’s all they care about. What a disgraceful city. And now I read that a congressmen lead a group of the protesters.

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