Table of Contents

scan0004Several folks have asked for more details about the book; therefore, I thought the best way to answer their requests was to show the “Contents” page. So, here it is. Some titles are a dead giveaway as to the content, but then others might be a play on words. Remember I only sell the hard cover, but for much less than you can get anywhere — it will be inscribed as you desire, and I eat the postage. If you are a Marine, or if you know a Marine, It would be a gift he or she will cherish and thoroughly enjoy. I guarantee it will rekindle many fond (and maybe not so fond) memories. The time set of the book is 1958-93.



  1. “Brewed on the Shores of the Chesapeake Bay”
  2. “From the Halls of Montezuma”
  3. Parris Island
  4. Infantry Training Regiment
  5. The Private’s World
  6. Schools Demonstration Troops
  7. Republic of Philippines
  8. Treasure Island
  9. Crossing the Pacific
  10. Welcome to Japan
  11. The Price of a Lucky Strike
  12. The Monkey House
  13. Battery D, 2nd Battalion, 10th Marines
  14. Drill Instructor School
  15. The DI
  16. The Platoon Leaders Course
  17. Schools Demonstration Troops—Revisited
  18. Republic of Vietnam
  19. ”Corpsman Up”
  20. Only a Sergeant
  21. Sparrow Hawk
  22. Sheer Terror
  23. Operation Hastings
  24. Anderson Trail
  25. Bordering on Ridiculous
  26. WAINE
  27. Cpl Gary Wayne Olson, USMC
  28. The Silent Majority
  29. Oldest Post in the Corps
  30. “Who the Hell’s Jim”
  31. Hail to the Chief
  32. My Officer Candidates School
  33. Staff Sergeant “Chesty”
  34. The Special Ceremonial Platoon
  35. Anchors Aweigh
  36. Company “E”
  37. Amphibious Warfare School
  38. Go Army!
  39. Methodist College
  40. Okinawa
  41. Marine Barracks, Lemoore, California
  42. Armed Forces Staff College
  43. Recruiting Station, Chicago
  44. College of Naval Warfare
  45. Huxley’s Harlots
  46. Landing Force Training Command, Atlantic
  47. The School of Infantry
  48. The Consequences


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  1. Every young person should read this book to learn what it’s all about to be an outstanding Marine. Every American should read this book to understand how America became so great. Because of these fine people that’s why.

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