Have a Kleenex Handy,

. . . . you may get something in your eyes.

I received  the  below email from Jerry Schriver who is a retired Navy Captain.  When he got too old to fly tanker aircraft, (was a pilot who refueled fighters on raids to Libya) he went to Seminary and became a Chaplain. 

soldier20and20flag1Dear Friends, Yesterday while walking out of a lunch place for some reason the random  thought quickly ran through my brain, and  I wonder how many World War II veterans will pass into eternity today?  My guess is that it is fewer each day.   I also thought that re-remembering  their personal sacrifice and what they accomplished  to break the bonds of world-wide tyranny is important, because the generations that follow easily forget.  When I came home this video had been sent to my computer.  I pass it on to you with a grateful heart and remembrance of the unnamed solider, sailor, Marine, and member of the merchant marine who willingly did the hard job of keeping the peace through great sacrifice.  May I suggest that you take the 5 minutes to watch this video and then send it along to your friends. 


2 thoughts on “Have a Kleenex Handy,”

  1. I occasionally see World War II veterans in our local exchange or commissary. I always shake their hand and thank them for saving our country and the world. Sadly, I don’t see too many of them any more. It won’t be much longer before there are no more of them alive to thank. They deserve every bit of honor and recognition that can be given, because they truly were…and are…The Greatest Generation

    1. Amen to that John. I, too, go out of my way to thank one of them no matter where I see him. You and I will probably see it in our lifetime that there are none left. Sad!

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