Met The Glock Today

glock43-leftFired my new concealed carry weapon for the first time today — the Glock 43. My long time retired Marine brother who lives down here full-time took me to the Sheriff’s range this morning. Wow, what a nice piece. Small, compact, not bulky at all, easy to carry concealed, and accurate as all get out. I thought I would have to have the trigger adjusted since I have always had to in the past. However this one is perfect for a CCW; a little too much trigger for match or target shooting. I must have fired a couple hundred rounds through it this morning and I love it.

Now I know some of you might be against CCW, and I don’t have a problem with that at all — that’s your choice. But I live too close to the gun capital of the nation — you know — the city with the toughest gun laws and the most gun deaths. I’ll let you guess which city that is, but if you don’t know which one it is, you must be living under a rock. Of course, I jest. But you see, I have been through much in my lifetime, and I don’t want my bride or I lying in the street because some demented, drugged up, scumbag has nothing better to do with at the time than do us harm.

When faced with a confrontation, I believe I have two choices; reason or force. Of course, I will always try the reason first, but if that does not stop this scumbag what am I left with —  force. Then, he best be fast and accurate, because even at my age, I am both.

2 thoughts on “Met The Glock Today”

  1. Jim: I remember many years ago when you tried to get me( a young Navy Disbursing Officer ) qualified with the 45 issued to me. You tried valiantly, but your parting words will never be forgotten….” I think you may be better off throwing that piece at your target than trying to shoot him!”

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