Do Black Lives Matter?

You’re damn right they do, and so do brown, red, yellow, white, and any other color you care to choose, but don’t forget the green (Marines) — they have a special meaning to some of us. This incident is absolutely disgraceful. ¬†All brought about by the Chicago Street Hustler leasing our White House. He and his racist cronies have turned back the clock to the 1960’s when our platoon from 8th & I manned M-60 machine guns on the steps of the capital during the MLK riots. The outright audacity and brazenness for four black hoodlums to do what they did to Sergeant¬†Christopher Marquez is unimaginable to me, as I am sure it is for all of Marine brothers reading this. I disagree with only one thing Col Andy says. I don’t think it would take a Marine company; give me a fire team (four Marines) and I’d lay odds we could find those scumbags and rid the city of their ilk. I would not give you a plug nickel for the lives of any one of these four scumbags — I do not think they understand fully what they have done. I would suspect there are Marines in Washington, D.C. “on the hunt” as I write this. The Marine who was marines_sgtMajBradleyKasalbeaten is the one on the left in this picture helping to carry his First Sergeant out of a building after a firefight during the battle for Fullujah. He was awarded a Bronze Star Medal with a Combat “V”. Go to the following link:

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