Bring My Country Back!

BREAKING NEWS: As I was about to post this, AP came across my screen announcing that Gov Christie just endorsed Trump for President.

I realize I may be showing my colors on this one, but I couldn’t help it. Our once powerful military is being gradually brought to its very knees and sadly much of society is totally unaware. This video might even be a tad funny if it weren’t all so true.

Love him, doubt him, or hate him matters not —  he is indeed shaking up the very core of our political system – which IMHO is a GOOD thing.

One thought on “Bring My Country Back!”

  1. Jim, I’ve always liked Christie. He took on the unions and a Democratic legislature in NJ (my home state) and managed to get ludicrously rich pensions for state workers somewhat reduced/reformed. He may or may not have had much to do with “Bridgegate”, but NY and NJ politics has always been bare knuckled, so I didn’t particularly care.

    I’m an “anybody but Hillary” guy and not head over heels for Trump, but this endorsement is a plus.


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