Col AndyWithin the past twenty-four hours two American men, who happen to have been black, hosted awards ceremonies. The contrast between the two can best be described as humble and arrogance.  Once again, Col Andy states it well.

As one may guess, I am not a fan of the Hollywood elites. I do not show much favor for those who live according to their press clippings. How well I remember Cruise’s comment about comparing what he does to those who actually do run to the sound of gunfire. A joke it was not; he actually believes it.

As with Col Andy, neither I nor my bride chose to watch the Oscar’s, our time is best spent enjoying something with substance than watching several hours of self-aggrandizement at its best.






The Kelly – Trump Rematch

KellyI may get into trouble with this post, but then perhaps it will generate some lively discussion. We shall see. I just read a story sent to me by a friend entitled Megyn Kelly tells Colbert how she’ll start next debate – Trump’s not going to like it! I’ve included the link below in case you have not seen it.

I’ll try not get political and discuss my views or my leanings, but since I am a retired Marine, it’s easy to guess on which side of the I sit. I once was a FOX news fan, and I liked Kelly, but over the last year or so I found FOX losing it’s so-called “fair and balanced” status. TV News anchors tend to read too many of their own press clippings e.g., O’Reilly, Rather, and Cronkite to name a few.

Then came the first FOX GOP debate. It garnered the highest viewer rating for any debate, but for me it was the “straw.” I stopped watching FOX and changed to CNN for I now believe they have become the most “fair and balanced” of the talking heads, but then that is a personal opinion. I am sure you have yours.

I found the question posed by Kelly to Trump both unfair and an attempt to embarrass and belittle him. I seriously doubt neither Mr. Carson nor Ms. Fiorna would have known the answer. Perhaps some of the politicians on stage might have been able to name some, but not all of them. In fact, I doubt if the current white house resident knows all their names.

So, why would she ask Mr. Trump that particular question? I really don’t know the answer, but I suspect it may be that Kelly does not like Trump. Perhaps it’s be due to some of the things he’s said that disturbs her as a woman. For example, his reference to that O’Donnell woman as a “fat pig.” I won’t comment on that except to say that woman has called conservatives all sorts of foul, unrepeatable names in her unremarkable career, but then I guess that’s okay since she is a woman and a member of the Hollywood elite.

FOX hyped the last GOP debate as “The Rematch,” undoubtedly an attempt to surpass their record ratings of the first debate. However, wisely — in my opinion — Trump opted out, leaving  Murdoch’s FOX with no “Rematch.” To save face FOX called Trump a “coward,” which of course all his opponents immediately followed in the name calling. Bit did it negatively affect his ratings? Nope. In fact, they went up.

I take no sides in this debacle. Everyone wants specific answers. They demand to know exactly what each candidate is going to do when/if he/she wins. What’s your plan to fix this and fix that. Spell it out so we can choose who has the best plan for our malady’s.

Get serious. Three of the folks standing on the stage are not politicians; they have never sat in on a subcommittee hearing, they have never been briefed on key issues by department secretaries, nor have they ever lied to get elected. They are a mixture of self-made Americans, some held high positions, some made money, some created jobs, some saved lives, but they all love America and want it to be great again.

Who does this Kelly person think she is? She doesn’t speak for me. She doesn’t ask the kind of questions I want answered. This is not a presidential debate, it’s to elect someone to participate in a presidential debate. I want to know about the real person, what the person truly believes in. What are his/her true beliefs, the principles by which they live. I don’t expect them to know the proper names of all the terrorists on the top ten watch list.

If I were able to ask Kelly one question, it would be, “Who the hell do you think you are? If I were Trump, I would opt out of this debate as well. He doesn’t need to be there, but Ms. Kelly, who has now become one of the Hollywood elites, certainly needs him there.

Read more: http://www.bizpacreview.com/2016/02/08/megyn-kelly-tells-colbert-how-shell-start-next-debate-trumps-not-going-to-like-it-303582#ixzz3zhqqw36d


Col Andy

Once again, the Colonel of Truth posts a great one — well worth the read. A good analysis of the gaggle of GOP candidates running for the highest office in our once great country. To whom will it be entrusted to save  us from ourselves. The Silent Majority? No, I doubt it. Alas, they are far too comfortable in their upper middle income world. Personally, I believe the working man/woman will decide for they have suffered the most under the Chicago Street Hustler’s rein. Great post my fellow Colonel of Marines. Semper Fi, JB