To All Marines

cropped-stock-photo-dress-of-military-equipment-on-the-old-wooden-323517323.jpgI have seen this You Tube many times when sent to me by the 100’s of Marines in my address book, but each arrival requires me to click on it and listen. While I am  not an avid country music aficionado, I do like specific artists, and this fellow is one of them! You must understand that as a teenager in the fifties, I am a devote rock and roller, but only of the 50’s and, of course, the fabulous 70’s! I am sorry to say, I cannot handle the “stuff” of today, but then as a 75-year-old, that’s my privilege, right? 🙂

Marine or not, if you’ve not heard this one, please indulge yourself, you’ll not be disappointed.


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