Mabus Destroys Your Marine Corps

This post is now OBE as the idiot, Kool Aid guzzling SecNav has “seen the light.” He changed his mind “before” he had to appear before the Senate where he was finally beaten up rather harshly by some friends of the Corps. He needs to be fired for the idiotic words that consistently spew from his mouth!


Many have tried over the Corps’s 240 year existence, but all have failed. Even President Harry Truman attempted to dismantle the Corps, but found their popularity and following too strong to fight to the end. The Corps’s colors are draped with more streamers and ribbons from fighting more enemies, more battles, and more wars than one dare to count, and still the Corps survived all comers. But what about today? Can we survive the political onslaught of an administration hell-bent on reducing our military to cannon fodder?

It appears from Mabus’ January 1, 2016 memo to our Commandant that he has purposely come after us. Why? I suspect it is because we are the only service that seems to have any common sense about these dangerous actions being taken in the name of “diversity.” One does not need to read between the lines of his memo to understand Mabus is out to see our destruction. This from a two-year Naval officer who’s only military experience is aboard a ship that spent most of his tour in the yard getting refitted. Wow, that must have been really tough on him sleeping on clean sheets in his own stateroom while having his meals served in the officer’s mess by a  ship’s steward. Maybe he is after us because he got his ass beat by a young Marine Lance Corporal. Who knows why he is so hellbent on dismantling the Corps. As a retired thirty-six year Marine Infantryman, I am sad and absolutely horrified for what is about to happen to my greatest love. If this imbecile has his way, I will become a retired Marine “Infantryperson.”  The following article at the link below is one of the best that I have read on the matter. How can anyone read the author’s well-written piece and still think this is a good idea.

Where are our followers, where are our elected officials, where is the so-called silent majority, where is someone, anyone who has some intelligence, some common sense, some feeling of pride in America? Where the hell are you? If you are there, get on your computer and write, make phone calls, ask question as to how this is going to make our Corps stronger, scream, bellow, holler, do whatever it takes before YOU lose YOUR United States Marine Corps. Semper Fi, Jim Bathurst

PS, Be sure to check my post on Mabus’ aka “the idiot’s” Memo. I am sure you will be shocked, especially by his timeline. Marines are currently deployed all around the world, and this is to happen in three months. Mabus, you are an idiot that should be fired; and if Trump wins, as I hope he does, you can bet your days will be numbered and you’ll have to find someone else to beat up on – you imbecile!

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