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Posted this Review on Amazon and Good Reads on your great book Col Jim. Semper Fi DB Wright

GunnyThis Author is a very close personal friend, I first met Gunnery Sergeant Jim Bathurst when he reported into the Marine Barracks, Washington, D.C. as the new Company Gunny of Ceremonial Guard Company.

Within two weeks, a combat commission recommendation caught 2dLtup with him, and he was directly appointed a second lieutenant and commander of the Color Guard of the Corps, Body Bearers and the Silent Drill Team.

As a member of the US Marine Drum & Bugle Corps we marched behind Jim in parades and ceremonies around our nation and in Canada. Every Marine who ever served with, or under, Jim throughout his great career in our Corps had an intense pride in doing so to the very best of their ability.

This book, a true labor of love, relates the journey though life and service until retirement from the Marine Corps as a Colonel of Marines! It starts as a high school drop out enlists as a private and follows his career until retirement. Jim served in the thick of combat in Vietnam as a Platoon Leader (2ndLt’s & 1stLt’s position) while only a Sergeant. During that time his actions resulted in being awarded the Silver Star, Bronze Star with “V” (for valor) and Purple Heart.

Any reader will learn many of the secrets of successful leadership. That personal drive, integrity, respect, and honor can come from anyone and along with that the reader will learn a ton of small ways to become a successful leader. The Author’s story of that journey from Private to Colonel as a “Mustang” (Marine’s term for any officer who had previously served as an enlisted Marine and one of great honor and distinction) is inspiring to all, but most especially to the young Marines of today! His description of his time as a Drill Instructor on Parris Island is a peek inside of one of the hardest and elite assignment any Marine can obtain. The title “DI” is one of the hardest to obtain, and once obtained is a brand worn for the rest of a Marine’s life. It is recognized via their professional bearing, command voice (strained horse for live) and their ability to teach.

Am I biased? Absolutely! Any Marine who ever served around, or under, Jim Bathurst, was branded for life by his personal leadership and uncompromising drive to succeed. This is a must have book for the library of any who read about the military and especially those who claim the title of United States Marine! As a retired law enforcement officer this is the kind of book I would use to inspire troubled kids, give them a road map to follow and become a successful and contributing citizen! Semper Fidelis!


NOTE: Holy Cow DB, you sure know how to make an old man tear up! Thank you for such kind words, you are too gracious my friend. God bless you and thank you so much. You have no idea how much I loved (and still love) all you guys in the D&B. I have the old albums of the music you guys played back then e.g., “What Now My Love,” “A Hard Day’s Night,” and of course my favorite “Born Free!” I sometimes play them at full volume when I am in my shop and the neighbors just stare at me as though I’m crazy — I am — about you guys! Once again, thank you DB, and Semper Fi my brother, Jim

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  1. Here’s one I think you’ll like Col Jim. You may have even heard my rant a time or two back in the day! Semper Fi DB

    A long time fellow police officer sent this one to me. I used to catch a lot of rolling eyes back when as a young Marine I used to proclaim the following;

    The United States Marine Corps is officially recognized, by the US Government, as a Religion! (that usually got heads turning towards me) The “Guide Book for Marines” is issued to every Marine Enlisted Member at Boot Camp. It is printed by the U.S. Government Printing Office and thus is an officially recognized document of the Government! In it’s front is printed the words to the Marine’s Hymn! One of the verses of “The Marine’s Hymn”, written in this Officially sanctioned US Government Manual, states that, “If the Army and the Navy ever look on Heaven’s Scenes they will find the Streets are Guarded by the United States Marines!” Therefore, the United States Marine Corps is an officially recognized and sanctioned religion of the US Government!

    Many an officer and SNCO walked away from one of these proclamation by me with a smile on their face and shaking their heads!

    Semper Fidelis

    DB Wright

    This Marine makes sense to me. Not only did he take an oath to the USA, he earned the right to wear his hat anywhere he wants to thru his service to this country.


    Marine Vet Stands Up to DMV Red Tape

    If “Pastafarians,” people who satirize religion by claiming to be worshipers of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, can get their department of motor vehicles to let them wear colanders on their heads while getting their driver’s license photo taken, then government can at least accommodate a veteran wanting to display his service to his homeland. Last month, Marine Corps vet Alex Morales went to his local DMV in California to get a new license while he was wearing a baseball cap with “USMC” emblazoned across it in red. Ahead of him, the DMV was photographing a group of men, probably Sikhs, who were wearing turbans. Here’s how Morales’ wife, Henrietta, described what happened next in a Facebook post:

    “Alex was asked to take his hat off to have his picture taken. He said ‘no’, and ‘no’ again when asked the second time. When he was asked why he would not remove his hat he said, ‘those men didn’t remove their head wear, I shouldn’t either’. It was explained that this was their attire and their religion. Alex told the DMV person that what he had on was his attire and when he entered the Marines he declared an oath to the USA, and one nation under God, so that his oath was under God so just as good as his religion.”

    Eventually, the DMV allowed Morales to stand for his photo, USMC hat and all. Afterwards, Henrietta Morales said some of the DMV staff quietly applauded Morales’ stand. Marine vet: 1. Bureaucratic tangle at the DMV: 0​.​

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