Soaring Valor

I’m going out on the limb here and show a side that I don’t do all that often. I have always been a fan of Mr. Gary Sinise, not only for his abilities on the wide-screen, but for his unapologetic patriotism and concern for military members and veterans. He is atypical of the brash, ungrateful Hollywood types that flood our theaters and TV screens with their less than quality performances, and oftentimes political rhetoric—as though someone actually cares what they think.

I came across one of Mr. Sinise’s videos and was somewhat surprised by the lack of views (168K+). I believe it is well worth the less than eight minutes to watch the expressions of joy and the tears from those involved in these worthy events. God bless Mr. Sinise and all the others who participate in this program for our WW II Veterans—there are less and less of them remaining every month.

I wonder where are the Cruise’s, the Penn’s, the Clooney’s, and the rest of the scum that are missing from scenes. They are probably too busy promoting themselves and another of their trashy movies. Personally, I won’t watch one of their movies on my TV, let alone pay money to see them in a theater.

7 thoughts on “Soaring Valor”

  1. Mr. Sinise is definitely one of the few that I can say actually cares about our military and veterans and doesn’t have a leftist view of everything. Wish there were more like him as opposed to the so many that seem to glorify guns in their movies only to turn around and say we should ban them off screen. Like you said, who cares what they think anyway

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