A Disturbing Video

of those responsible for our defense


I was absolutely appalled when I watched this video of a Senate subcommittee hearing. And what’s even more appalling is that it is being shown on an Arabic network. Our Secretary of Defense and, regrettably, our former Commandant (now Chairman of the Joint Chiefs) are reduced to mumbling idiots.

Senator Lindsey Graham is not only asking the right questions, but he points out the obvious truth about the “Obama Strategy” for fighting ISIS and Syria to the American people—that is, if one could call it a strategy. Having graduated from The esteemed Naval War College where I earned a master’s degree in Defense Strategy and Strategic Studies, I am unable to find anything that the two of them are babbling about that even resembles a nation’s strategy against a foe. I’m sure Secretary of State, John “hero” Kerry, designed it. Surely the Chicago Street Hustler in the white house didn’t for all he knows how to do is organize communities, and from the current state affairs in Chicago, it’s obvious he wasn’t any good at that either.

Since I do not read, speak, or write Arabic (perhaps I should learn considering how things are going in my country), I know not what the comments are under the video. I can only imagine that part of the world is still laughing at it (and us).





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  1. I agree with your sediments 100% Appalling is a word that I consider to barley describes the state of this Cluster $&!@ strategy… Or lack there of.

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