I have never watched this show, but I will certainly start to do so. Maybe I can find it on-demand and pick it up from the beginning. Quinn has it right while the rest of the folks at the table haven’t a clue. Strategy? What strategy? Our president  is nothing more than a Chicago street hustler; he was elected for all the wrong reasons. He came to the job with zero qualifications to lead the largest democracy in the world, nor was he qualified to be our commander-in-chief. I have an idea where his heart is, but it certainly is not in America. We have to put up with this feckless fellow for 14 more months and during that time he will do everything he can to weaken our resolve, and that includes weakening our military to where they will become ineffective. The sad thing is the average American could care less. Watch this clip and you decide for yourself who is right, the idiots sitting around the table who are representative of our elected and appointed leaders, or Quinn.

One thought on “Homeland”

  1. Jim, I watch Homeland and remember this clip. How spot-on Quinn’s comments are with regards to recent events around the world…

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