A Must Read Part II

Dennis has now published Part II of his article on terrorism VS immigration. It is another great read and one I consider a must for anyone wondering what is going on in our once great country. Might I even suggest you send the  links or a copies of both articles to your elected officials. I already have, especially to our infamous scumbag Durbin the Socialist Friend. Go to:


One thought on “A Must Read Part II”

  1. Thanks, Jim. Part I received such overwhelming attention as to prompt Part II, which was already in progress. In continuing to follow the event and the world-wide responses to it, especially the continuing stubborn stance of Obama to insist we take in countless thousands of Syrian refugees, I am now working on a Part III. France continues to track and raid e suspected terrorist in that country. Yesterday, they apparently killed the ringleader of the Paris attack and more than a half-dozen other failed attempts. We, the people, must act–contact your local and national elected officials and let them know we must have a moratorium on such actions despite what our feckless president says.

    Thanks, Jim, for passing this article series on.

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