From A Fellow Marine

Many men have served long and distinguished careers as officers and enlisted Marines. We are extremely fortunate when an officer such as Colonel Jim Bathurst is able to share his career from private to Colonel in We’ll All Die As Marines.

His experience as an enlisted man provided valuable insight into leadership traits of his superiors that helped shape his personal leadership philosophy as an NCO/SNCO/Officer. Opinionated, willing to stand up for his principles, taking care of his Marines, and “thinking outside of the box” to accomplish his mission are prominent themes throughout his career.

Anyone who has served in the Corps, especially during the same time span of the Colonel, can relate to many of his experiences. More Marines with Colonel Bathurst’s character, integrity, and dedication are needed in today’s military as the services are inundated with “change” proposed by politicians with no military experience and no comprehension of what combat is all about. An enjoyable read about life in the Old Corps.

Nicholas S. Romanetz
Colonel, USMCR (Ret)

Author’s Note: Thank you very much for the review Nicholas. I find it amazing that we never actually met face-to face; however, I am positive that on many occasions we were within shouting distance of one another during our careers. Our Corps is simply too small for that to never have happened. Semper Fi Nick, JB